Smoked Bacon & Mushroom Rice Bento

Hi there!

There is not much that can compare to the wonders of bacon, but it can be helped along by other tasty ingredients.

Mixing freshly grilled Smoked bacon and grilled mushrooms with a touch of soy sauce in with plain Japanese rice has such wonderful tastes which are complex and different with every bite.

Strangely enough, the pineapple’s tart sweetness goes really well squeezed over!

For dessert there was fresh pineapple, Honeydew Melon, Cantaloupe Melon and Water melon.

So good!
The newest bento box is just great too!

3 thoughts on “Smoked Bacon & Mushroom Rice Bento

  1. Mmmmmm… It’s hard for me to do mixed rice dishes because I eat them before they get in my box unless it’s one-pot cooking. Bacon’s even more dangerous! I may try this, though.
    A whole tray of fruit, Yummy!


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