Quick & Easy Authentic Pizza Dough Recipe

Heya guys and girls!

~Sorry about the lateish post, it took a lot longer than expected with this terrible migraine!~

Y’know, one of my pet kitchen peeves is store brought pizza bases.

I have never eaten one that didn’t make me wish I didn’t have taste buds.

The worst part is everyone I’ve known that uses them classes it as “home made” pizza when a REAL home made pizza is just as easy to make (with just a little foresight), is cheaper and tastes 1000% better!

All you need is one bag of ’00’ Grade pasta flour or strong bread flour, easy to get from just about anywhere, some yeast, olive oil, water and a little sugar and salt.

Then of course, the toppings of your choice!

Lets go!

Pizza Dough

Makes 4 good sized or six diet sized pizzas


1kg ’00’ Grade pasta flour or strong bread flour
1 tablespoon table salt
2 x 7g sachets of active dried yeast
1 tablespoon caster sugar
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
650ml lukewarm water


In a measuring jug, measure half boiling water and half cold so it is at a lukewarm temperature (very important!).
Test with your finger and adjust as needed until you have 650ml lukewarm water.

Pour in the yeast sachets, the sugar, and spoon in the olive oil.
Leave the yeast to sit until it looks something like a scary halloween creation with green bubbles rising to the surface.

While you’re waiting for the yeast.
Get a big, big bowl and set a sieve over it.
Gradually pour in the flour and salt.

Make a well in the middle of the salt and flour mixture and gradually add the yeast and water mix into the well.

Bring in the flour from the sides and swirl until mixed into a sticky dough.

Now, either use dough hooks on your mixer or transfer to a floured surface and knead until elastic and springy (about 10 minutes).

Spray an immense bowl with vegatable oil (or flour the bowl all over) and place the dough in.

Cover and leave in a warm place for about an hour or until it has doubled in size.

After the dough has risen, remove it to a floured surface and beat the crap out of it.
This is called knocking it back and is to remove the excess air from the dough.

Segment into 4 to 6 equal pieces and now you have a choice to either use them immediately or wrap in cling film and freeze for later.

If freezing, defrosted, let rise and knock back before use.

If you only want to store these for a couple of days they will be fine in the refrigerator but be sure to
A: Give room for the dough to expand and don’t tightly pack
B: Be sure to knock it back and leave to rest for 10-15 minutes before use.

This can now be used in many different ways like my mozzarella plait as well as pizza, dough balls and lots of other tasty creations, and it’s a lot better than those yukky pre made bases!

Just roll out the dough onto a floured surface and then shape into whatever tickles your fancy.

Transfer that to a baking sheet and add any topping you please.

(Please no garlic though, eww)

Bake at 220 C  for around 15 minutes (depending on the size) until the base is golden brown and the cheese/toppings are cooked to your satisfaction.

I will not be held responsible for anybody who tries to add half a pig to this recipe and finds that it is still raw after 15 minutes.

When assembling a pizza I recommend adding the cheese before the sauce as well as on top as this keeps the base crispy and tasty and of course also adding loads and loads of tasty MEAT!!


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