Carnivore Salad Recipe

If you’re anything like me, bread always runs out before all of the sandwich meat has been used up.

I hate wasting food and as a result I like to make my patented “Carnivore salad”!

It’s really easy.

All I do is gently wash about 200g of mushrooms and lazily cut them up with a pair of kitchen scissors and leave them to drain.

Then I get the meats I have left in my fridge, Parma Ham, Black Pepper Encrusted Salami, Pepperoni, Chorizo, Serrano Ham, Chorizo Pamplona, spicy meats are great for this!

Again I just snip the pieces up, not too small, while heating a frying pan on a high heat.

When the pan is hot I just add in my meat, no oil is needed, you will start to see the delicious spicy oils coming out and this will absorb into the mushrooms later, yum!

Fry until the crispiness is almost to your liking and add in the mushrooms.

Add a splash of soy sauce to the mix and cook until the mushrooms are limp and reduced in size and the soy sauce and mushroom water has evaporated.

Serve over anything you please or even eat it as it is, though it is best hot or warm because of the aromatic oil that will be release while still hot, not that I’ve ever had any leftovers to try it cold!

This would be amazing over some spaghetti or pasta and is great over sausage and stuffing, baked potatoes or as my snap shows, over hamburgers!

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