Pepper Bento 100th Post Celebration!!!

Wow, post 100 already?

It hasn’t been easy, but here I am, still managing to post twice a week.

I can’t say it was an effortless accomplishment that came  easily but I’m sure that’s just because I’m easily depressed and lazy.

Considering that, though, I will give myself a pat on the back!!

Woohoo, I did it, almost a whole year!

Most of all though, above my personal achievements, I hope that you, the follower, the reader, have enjoyed what I have captured on camera and the food I have brought to this blog, and hopefully to your table.

Thank you, everyone, that has given a spark of encouragement to my mind or a smile to my face with your words.

I will be back on Thursday with more food news and some pretty pictures but until then..


5 thoughts on “Pepper Bento 100th Post Celebration!!!

  1. Oh wow! Congratulation’s, i’m so pleased & proud of you, you are very talented & passionate, glad the world can see it to 😀


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