Gifts from Japan!

Hey there!

Today I want to show you some extra special gifts which I got from a very lovely friend living in Japan!

Our main interest in common is crafting and she sent me a few lovely crafting gifts, though we did get talking about Japanese food and my love for it so she sent me these wonderful gifts :).

Crisps from Japan!

I love crisps and it was really interesting to try these ones!

They are shrimp/prawn flavour, can you see the little golden prawns?

They are more wafer like than crisp like and are slightly sticky!


This is a dried mix of sesame seeds, seaweed and Umeboshi (pickled plum) that is mixed into rice to make it even more tasty and pink!

I just love the cute illustrations!
The onigiri and spoon are so cute!

Yum! Don’t these onigiri look delicious? I can’t wait to use this!

I confess! I can’t read Japanese! The instructions seem quite straight forward though :).


For my last present?

It’s a surprise!!

I’ll show you on Monday!!

Have a great weekend!

What would be the best gift you could get from Japan or if you live there what’s the best gift you can think of sending to someone in another country?

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