Gifts From Japan Part 2!

Hey guys!

It’s time for me to reveal my last gift from Japan! Those that saw last weeks post know what I’m talking about!!

I’m such a big fan of anything and everything cute and you have to admit, Japan does cuteness very, very well!


The name is a combination for how the Japanese pronounce “Relax” and Kuma means bear!

I wish I could be as relaxed as this little guy in the kitchen and with such cute friends too!

This post does have something to do with bento I promise!

Behold, my lovely gifts from Japan!

Bag clips!

I really hope to use these in a bento one day!

Maybe I can wrap an onigiri in some nice foil and then clip over my little Rilakkuma clips!

I also have the perfect accessory for a Rilakkuma bento!

A Rilakkuma bento strap!

This one wasn’t a gift, I made it myself!

I love to do needlecraft and I used my skills, a little thread and some felt to make a 3D Rilakkuma to go onto a bento strap!

I can carry him on all of my lunch trips now and he’s a one of a kind!

Hope all of my viewers are having a lovely relaxed Monday!

12 thoughts on “Gifts From Japan Part 2!

  1. They are so cute! I love the bento strap! I don’t remember seeing them when I was in Japan but I want one now ๐Ÿ™‚


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