Nestle After Eight Collection Chocolate Box

At this time of year, I must say I don’t not relish the thought of shopping.

The busy shops with shopping trolleys moving uncoordinated this way and that, the baskets squeezing through the tiny gap that is revealed through a gathering of chatting people and music so full of “festive cheer” I can’t even remember what I came in for!

One thing I do like about this time of year in shops though, is the amount of chocolate boxes that come out of the works

Luxury gift boxes, tins, some with beautiful designs you will want to keep years after the chocolates have been snaffled.

Due to my hoarding nature I try not to get any boxes I would really love to keep unless they are extra ordinary!

This box, though not extra ordinary on the outside, is certainly something to write home about on the inside. After Eight collectionAfter all, who does mint chocolates better than After Eight?

In this box, you might notice, that shockingly, there are no After Eight’s.

The thin squares of chocolate and minty goodness have been dropped for this box and believe me, it does not suffer for it!

The box features a variety of beautifully shaped chocolates, the leaves being my favourite!

After Eight Peppermint CollectionFrom left to right we have…..

Three “Classic Cameo’s”, oval chocolates with the famous After Eight clock on it.
These are simply dark chocolate infused with peppermint, simple but delicious!

Next, two “Marzipan Baton’s”.
These are a mix of soft peppermint marzipan and gorgeous dark chocolate.

To the far right we have three “Crispy dark leaves”, definitely not enough in my opinion!
A box of these would have a lot of trouble around me, though not for very long!

They have a crispy mint filling inside, a feat considering how thin they are!

Now going right, we have the two “After Eight Clocks”.
These thick shaped chocolates are again filled with peppermint, this time it’s a smooth kind! Sooo good!

To the bottom left, my favourite!
These “Smooth white leaves” are on the outside creamy, white chocolate, which they do surprisingly well considering they have made their name from their dark chocolate!

On the inside is a soft minty filling!

Last but certainly not least are these “Chocolate Truffles”.

They are a very interesting shape, not quite tear drops, with After Eight stamped on them!

The most interesting part, though, is on the inside!

When you bite into one of these your mouth will fill with peppermint, dark chocolate and alcohol!

I could eat this box in a night!
My guilty secret is that I have tried!!

A box certainly deserving of their 50 year celebration!

Until next time folks, have a great day and weekend!


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