A thought For The Season

Hey there boys and girls,


It is celebrated all around the world, in some places it has just recently become a tradition and in others it has been around for many years.

For children it is all about the presents, jumping on sleepy parents beds on Christmas morning, running downstairs and tearing into gifts.

For adults, when such behaviour is frowned upon, (though not to say isn’t missed!)  food is a central point to the whole experience.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.

All great excuses to get out the alcohol and food to make a celebration full of laughs, good feelings and flavours!

When all of the fun is over, it’s quiet for the first time in a long time and the rubbish is being thrown away, the beer cans stacked high, the left overs and half eaten food being thrown away…

have you ever thought about how much food is wasted?

Do you end up throwing away food that you think is such a shame?

What do you think you could change to save food this year?

Sure you can buy as much food as you can afford but it comes from somewhere and when there isn’t enough to go around, money won’t be of much use.

Have a resourceful holiday season!

2 thoughts on “A thought For The Season

  1. I hate wasting food, this year i’m on my own, i decided to cook a Gammon Joint Christmas day, took 3 hours to cook nice & slow, when cooked tasted great, day later came down with the flue, havent wanted to eat anything apart from Toast, joint went to waste, i wasnt up to making anything with the Gammon either 😦


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