Working Mans Winter Warmers Bento Box

Hey there guys!

Brrrrr, it’s cold!

When you can’t face another sandwich or cold meal, a thermal bento box is the perfect thing to warm your food and stomach on the run!

Boxes can be bought in most retailers around the country but if you are a worker or somebody who wants to eat hot food while out frequently I recommend going for a more expensive brand such as Thermos.

Obviously this is also a great way to eat healthy English food on the go too.
Stews, hot pots and soups are ideal in these containers and a well shaped box will make eating at work or on the road a pleasure instead of a hassle.

For me, of course, it has to be meaty.

Chicken Ball BentoI used my box to eat these tasty battered chicken balls and sweet and sour sauce on the go!
The chicken balls I used were pre-made this time but I do recommend making your own.
Nothing is better than a whole piece of chicken breast dipped in batter and fried to perfection.
The recipe for a beautiful and simple sweet and sour sauce will be available in my book “Simply Japanese” as soon as I raise the funds to print it.

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