Pepper’s Peppermint Puddings Sweet Recipe

It’s my one year WordPress anniversary!!
I am so very proud!

I would like to dedicate this post and my cute little penguin pudding to my inspiration and motivation, she knows who she is!

It’s that time again and though life goes on as usual for me a lot of people are preparing for Christmas.

These little Peppermint Puddings I invented are great little party favours for the kids and adults alike and they are so easy!

Boast about how you’ve made your own sweets but keep how easy they were to yourself!!

Pepper’s Peppermint Puddings
Peppers Peppermint PuddingsMakes 11 puddings

Special equipment
One 12 hole mini cupcake tray

Decorations for the tops (Holly would look lovely!)
Large bar of dark or milk melting chocolate
Peppermint Extract
Green and red food colouring
One egg white (powdered & pasteurised is best)
One teaspoon lemon juice
400g Icing sugar plus a smaller amount for dusting

In a large bowl mix the egg white until frothy adding in the lemon juice.

Add green and red food colouring, stirring for a dark brown colour for the middle of your sweets.

Add a little peppermint extract approx 1/4 teaspoon.

Sift the icing sugar in and mix until it becomes stiff and dough like.

Taste and add in extra peppermint flavour and adjust the amount of food colouring for better colouring if needed .

Dust the mini cupcake tin thoroughly with icing sugar and push in a ball of dough bigger than the cupcake hole.

When the hole has been filled with no gaps, use a palate knife or knife to scrape the excess off flat across the top (the bottom when it is turned out!)

Repeat until all of the mix is finished!

If your house is cold leave out for a couple of days to dry, if not place into the refrigerator.

Turn out the mints onto a work surface or chopping board covered in cling film.

Melt the chocolate and use a palate knife to spread the chocolate
over a mint, decorate right away using the chocolate to stick on your decorations.

Rice paper decals, dessicated coconut, crushed nuts, sprinkles, edible glitters, icing decorations, sweets and so much more are all going to look great, the possibilities are endless, from appealing to the children to being a classy looking treat for adults.

Do decorate one at a time otherwise the chocolate will melt before you finish!

Don’t worry about the drips that have inevitably made their way down the sides of the mints at the moment.

Leave to dry completely and pry from the cling film.

Using a knife, cut around your mints, chopping off excess chocolate and making a neat round finish.

Eat all of those tasty chocolate shavings as a sneaky chefs treat and serve!

Peppers Peppermint Puddings I

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