The Christmas Goodie Hamper!

Hey there!

As I have said before, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do hope you have all had a good holiday, whether that means some time off of work, family and friends, presents or good food!

Our family did get to avoid the whole Christmas thing this year, well, almost!

Some very wonderful but very silly people brought us a hamper full of superb snacking goodies!!

It is a little difficult to choose a direction to start at to tell you all of the great things we had but I will attempt to start at the top left!

HamperFirst off we had Mini Cheddars, small packages of crackers/biscuits that taste of cheese!

Next is some Pub Original Pork Scratchings!
The runner up of our taste test!

Four Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle’s towered high!

A huge multi pack of crisps!

Fox’s favourites biscuits!
Beware, the package looks huge but in reality the trays make them a real con!
There are huge spacers in them so even though the tray is an inch deep you only get two party rings!! Two!!

HamperIn front of that is a chocolate biscuit selection from Aldi, very good with a very decent amount of chocolate on each!

To the left, a tube of Smarties.
I need someone to stick up for me on this one!
Did the orange Smartie ever taste of orange?
I always remember being so happy as a child to get a orange Smartie because it was the only one that didn’t just taste like chocolate.
Now they all taste the same!!
I am sad but also have no alibi.

Next, two boxes of Mikado!
These are just like Pocky from Japan.
These milk chocolate ones are great but they also do Hazelnut, white chocolate and others.

HamperWhite chocolate Lion bars!

Hardly seen just behind that in light blue are some mini coconut bars like Bounty bars but nicer in my opinion.

To the left of that, two golden looking bars.
These are mini Toblerone style bars, very good!

Just behind that in dark blue are some Milkyway style mini bars!

In front, Iced Gems, which to be honest taste of cardboard but are a big treat for me because my mother would never buy them for me as a child!

HamperIn front again, some Cadbury Eclairs!
These are toffee with a tasty Cadbury chocolate centre!

To the right, some pretty new sweeties, they taste like Refreshers but are “squashie” cute little soft sweets covered in a mother load of sugar!

Next to that are delicious Tunnocks milk chocolate tea cakes!
If you haven’t tried these, you haven’t tried tea cakes!
I used to hate tea cakes until I tried these, the usually hard mallow inside is soft and gooey in these!

HamperIn front in blue there are Wagon wheels!
“Wagon” is certainly not the vehicle I would say these come from, maybe a kids scooter?
They usually taste quite bad and stale to me but these ones were the best I’ve eaten plus they had jam inside!!

In front of that just out of sight is a package of “Pink Wafers”.
They are wafers sandwiched between vanilla cream and are great as something light to snack on.

To the right, COOKIES!!!!

Behind that a Mars bar “Duo”, meaning two teeny Mars bars in one pack.

HamperUnderneath that, out of sight is a package of Mars bar style chocolate bars and a package of Twix style chocolate bars, both of which taste better than the originals.

Maybe it’s because they are made by smaller companies?

Next, mostly out of sight again (I’m sorry! It was a lot!) are “Discos”.
They are shortcake rectangles topped with chocolate and Smartie style sweets on top!

Finally, last but not least, a package of white chocolate and milk chocolate buttons!

What a wonderful treat!
Thank you Stephanie and David, they were greatly appreciated!

Did you get any food gifts this year?
What were they?

7 thoughts on “The Christmas Goodie Hamper!

  1. The orange smarties did taste of orange when I was a kid. Every now and then, I can find English smarties here, and a couple of years ago, the orange ones just started to taste the same as all the others. Really not cool!


    • Yay!!
      I have an alibi! Nahanahnahnahnah :P.

      To be honest I really can’t see a reason to buy Smarties without the wonderful surprise of the orange tasting ones!

      I’m not sure if they got taken over but making hexagon packaging to lower the amount of sweets in each package and making them all the same is as you say, reaaaaally NOT cool!


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