I am an Eco-friendly Lunch Box Bento Review!


Yet another bento in my ongoing collection, oh no!

This one is a self proclaimed “eco-friendly” lunch box with some great features!

Eco Friendly Lunch Box Red

Cute box for all ages, male or female!

Lunch box

A very sweet child’s drawing to decorate the top!

Reduse, Reuse, Recycle

Now for the interesting features!

The box comes with two sturdy dividers and two mini boxes.

Mini Boxes I

The grooves on the dividers fit into the box unlike a lot of dividers I have seen which rely on fitting the divider in snugly between the sides of the box.


There are small plastic pieces on the inside for them to slot into sturdily.

Dividers fitted

The mini boxes are a great size for food and they are cute and colourful which is a great bonus!

Mini Boxes o

They fasten very well so no worries are needed when transporting lunch.

The only thing that I can possibly say is a fault with this box is that it can have dividers OR mini boxes, not both.

A fabulous bento box!

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