I am an Eco-friendly Lunch Box Bento Green Design Review!

Hey there!

It’s super snowy over here! It’s going to be a very horrid chore to get food and drink in this weather, especially as a pedestrian!

Today though, I wanted to show you another bento box in the “I am an eco friendly lunch box” series!

I couldn’t help picking it up!


Another lovely kids drawing sporting pretty nature and colourful lettering!


Again, it comes with two dividers that slot into the box!

Open Box

Roomy little boxes also come with the set that can be chosen instead of the dividers too!

Mini box

Which box is your favourite?

friendly or Lunch box

10 thoughts on “I am an Eco-friendly Lunch Box Bento Green Design Review!

  1. The smaller boxes look good to pack lunch for children. The big box looks like it has quite a large capacity from the photo, might be more suitable to pack lunch for an adult? Love the bright colours 🙂


    • Thank you for the comment! Sorry for the late reply!!

      The smaller boxes aren’t too big, they would fit in a good portion of grapes or so!

      Even for a child who eats little I would give them at least two mini boxes!!

      To be honest, with the Western boxes, they come in much bigger sizes to fit in fruit, sandwiches, crackers and things like that!

      The Japanese style only need to be small to fit in lots of more filling foods!


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