Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Unsmoked Wiltshire Cured Outdoor Bred Bacon Rashers Review

Hey there everyone!

I have been teased by this bacon on display in our local Sainsbury’s for a while, but at 2 packs for £5, I resisted!

The Sainsbury’s “Taste the difference” range can be hit and miss.

They have made some absolutely gorgeous foods where you really CAN taste the difference, some standard foods that you wouldn’t find extraordinary and some things that are inedible, to my taste buds anyway!

When I again spied this bacon sitting on the shelf looking very fresh and tasty, especially by the standards of supermarket bacon, I was tempted once again!

Seeing that the price was now 3 packages for £6 I tried to convince the hubby with some terrible logic that they were now worth the money.

He didn’t need too much swaying, after all, it IS bacon!

Bacon P

So here it is! Effectively £2 for this package of 8 pieces.

I am not a big fan of back bacon, I much prefer streaky.
Though it is in the range, was advertised and even had a price sticker on the shelf for it the shelves were full with no streaky rashers in sight!

As you can see; the packaging sports good causes.
Freedom food monitored by the RSPCA to make sure the animals are leading happy lives and pork from Britain logos ensure good quality.

This particular kind is unsmoked, air dried and Wiltshire cured.
The thickness is great for in-store bacon as usually bacon is paper thin in supermarkets, it almost rivals good butcher bacon.

Bacon CU

So, enough talking! I’m getting down to the eating!

The taste is…not extraordinary.

The hubby who was also tasting was exclaiming “It’s just bacon!!” as though it should have instead been some Godly substance not known by man ever before.

There were certainly flavourful meaty tasting morsels coming through in certain bites though as a whole the taste wasn’t outstanding.

If the flavourful meaty flavour carried through to all of the bacon, it would have been excellent, the thickness of the bacon was very good and gave a pleasurable “bite” to the bacon.

If I find the streaky version in store I may do another review and see how that tastes!

The flavour seemed to be in the fat, so fat running throughout may be just the ticket!

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