I Am An Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Eco Warrior Blue Box Review!

I honestly fell in love with these eco-friendly lunchboxes and even though I told myself no, I just had to get this design, the last of the three different designs in the shop!

I am an eco friendly lunchbox

Blue Eco Friendly Lunchbox

Another cute children’s drawing for this box! This one saying “Eco warrior”!

Eco Warrior Design

It would have been nice for the children to get a little credit such as their name and age at the bottom!

Mini Boxes B

Green and red this time!

Dividers B

I suppose the random coloured boxes helps make the box seem more down to earth and “friendly” in a way.

Eco Friendly Lunchbox CollectionHere they all are together! Has the Eco Warrior box stolen your heart or have you another favourite?

Lunch boxfriendlyBlue Eco Friendly Lunchbox

If a child you know had to draw a picture to show recycling, what would they draw?

5 thoughts on “I Am An Eco-Friendly Lunchbox Eco Warrior Blue Box Review!

  1. I love the Eco Warrior! But they’re all the cuteness!
    I was just thinking: since you have all 3, they can now have matching mini-containers! You can color coordinate!

    If only international shipping didn’t cost a body part or two.


    • Haha they are all definitely the cuteness! ^_^

      So true! Cuteness colour coordination is a must!!

      =( International postage costs suck, they are so high!
      I just wish I had shares in them, maybe then I could afford to send things!


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