Quick Cook 100 Calorie Turkey Steaks and a Pepperbento competition!

Hey there guys!

Recently I have been watching lots of Gordon Ramsay’s shows and have really been enjoying them!

One of the things he was trying to promote was cooking at home no matter how busy!

Well, I was sitting,watching, obviously drooling at the mouth and feeling hunger setting in when I thought about getting up and making some beans on toast…..I know, I was feeling lazy!

Then I got to thinking…why not make something real to eat? It won’t take long at all!

Quick cook turkey steaks to the rescue!


I added thin turkey steaks to a heated frying pan of sesame oil, soy sauce and mirin, then fried until coloured about 2 minutes a side.

I took the steaks out and reduced the soy sauce and mirin mix until thickened.

Add the steaks back to the pan and wipe them in the sauce on either side to give a lovely brown hue.

Add them to a bun or place them on noodles!

Here I added both to just one bun for less calories, bread is a calorie sucker!

With the turkey steaks coming in at only 100 calories each and if cooked right, still coming out flavoursome and juicy, they are a perfect quick snack to fill you up!

I mean, two Pop Tarts come to 400 calories and hardly fill you up at all!

I know I’d rather have four tender turkey steaks waiting for me!

What is your favourite calorie busting quick snack?

Send your entries in via my “Contact Me” button, with your blog page or name, your location in the world, your recipe and a picture of the snack!

I will feature my favourites by the 21st of February so get submitting!

4 thoughts on “Quick Cook 100 Calorie Turkey Steaks and a Pepperbento competition!

  1. Turkey steaks sound great! I don’t buy convenience foods for home, but if I want a quick snack, I’ll probably make a cheese and tomato plus any leftover meat quesadilla or a quick pasta dish like Spaghetti alla puttanesca.


    • Your quick snacks sound mouth wateringly great!

      If you’d like to enter my competition you would be most welcome!
      Just follow the instructions above :D.



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