Asian Noodle Art – Forest Girl Bento Box

Possibly the latest post in all PepperBento history but none the less a bento has arrived!!!

Welcome forest girl!

Forest Girl

This fetching female has a rather delicious head of hair made of free range egg noodles, turkey, peas, spring onion, coriander and red chilli.

Her face is made of a juicy turkey steak, red chilli, spring onion and peas!

Fragrant, pretty and delectable!
Just what a woman should be!

8 thoughts on “Asian Noodle Art – Forest Girl Bento Box

    • Chicken is cheaper than Turkey there?

      Here Turkey is sort of Chickens rejected, make do, second cousin!

      I think it is largely to do with the fact that so many over cook it a lot for Christmas and it now has a bad reputation of being dry, which of course it isn’t with proper cooking!

      Even being cheaper than Chicken a campaign was launched to start people eating Turkey!


      • Wow! I really never thought of that before!
        It available in all kinds of ways throughout the year here, the only difference being they stock up on HUGE fresh and frozen chickens for Christmas!


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