Pork & Apple Steaks plus more chances on my Pepperbento Competition!

Hey everyone!

I know I said today would be the deadline for my competition but since I utterly failed at advertising it in the last week or so it wouldn’t be fair to draw the winners just yet!

Everyone that has already entered need not worry, your entries still counts!

So, for your chance to be featured on my blog, what is your favourite calorie busting quick snack?

Send your entries in via my “Contact Me” button, with your blog page or name, your location in the world, your recipe and a picture of the snack!

The new closing date is the 7th of March! Good luck everyone!

So on to the subject of cooking!

I’m pretty proud of this little on the spot dish to be honest.

To my upset, I am not a chef yet and for the most part rely on recipes from people who know what they’re doing!
Pork and apple steaks cu

I took a tip and cut the fat rinds of my pork chops to make sure my chops didn’t curl up and stayed flat during cooking!

I added whole grain mustard to the steaks and in the steak juices fried wedges of apple with cider vinegar and more mustard to give an English better-than-apple-sauce taste to the dish!

Apples and pork pair so wonderfully together!

Pork and apple steaks

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