Freshers Bacon Jerky BBQ & Original Flavours Review!

Hey there!

Today I’m doing a long awaited review of Freshers Bacon Jerky!

For those of you that don’t remember, Freshers were the runner up in our Pork Scratching taste test, only being beaten by fresh butcher pork scratchings!

Freshers Bacon Jerky Box
Shiny shiny wrapping!!
Freshers Bacon Jerky Note
Very friendly service!!
Freshers Bacon Jerky  Original and BBQ
“Original” flavour and “BBQ”/Barbecue flavour!
The packaging is really nice, I love the stars giving an American feel while not plastering their flag all over, the wood is a nice touch and the bacon picture at the bottom makes you hungry right away!

The only thing I would say about the packaging is that if I were in a shop looking for my favourite flavour of Bacon Jerky, I might find it a little difficult finding it with the names of the flavours quite small at the bottom of the package, since there is no colour coding on flavours here.Freshers Bacon Jerky  Original and BBQ SV

I would have to guess the placement has been done with the hook hanger style shop presentation in mind, mostly seen in bars and off licences here in England, for any other method of display it may be confusing.

I love the idea of the “real bacon” stamp, it gives a great idea of it being natural.

I admit I know next to nothing about the curing, drying and other  processes that goes into making jerky, especially commercially, though I have to say I was very surprised to see E numbers, Nitrites and colours in the ingredients list.

Surely food can be cured in a way that includes a lot more food than chemicals?

On to the tasting then, after all, bacon on the go is probably not for the health concious!

The texture of the jerky is very pleasant and you can tell that this has been made with good quality meat.

Even after the shrinking process it still retains wonderful thickness that still feels like meat and has the wonderful grain of the meat running throughout.

Freshers Bacon Jerky Original

For the Original flavour I would say even with the flavour enhancers that have been added the jerky doesn’t have much flavour, there are sweet and smoky notes to it but on the whole it is quite bland.

Freshers Bacon Jerky BBQ

However, there is great news when it comes to the BBQ variety.

Again it has a wonderful texture and you can tell the guys at Freshers have picked quality meat for their Jerky.

It mentions on the package that it takes 180 grams of Bacon to make 100 gram of their jerky, these packs being 35 grams each.

The highlight though, is the seasoning.

This is how I expected the Original flavour to taste, smoky, sweet and spicy, though just enough to take it from being bland to tasty and not enough to make you wish your tongue could be removed and dunked in a bucket of ice.

All in all I wanted to love Freshers Bacon Jerky but was a little let down by the Original flavour and their ingredients lists..BBQ flavour though, if you’re not too health concious or paranoid is certainly worth a try! Delicious!

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    • Welllllllll, it’s only fair that we have something in bacon that you don’t yet!

      I think you’ve got just about everything else in bacon over there! Hehe! 😛


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