Crushed Butter Beans & Chinese Char Siu turkey Bento!

Last chances to get your entries in for my competition!

This is the last week!

I’ve seen wonderful food so far that really prove that high taste does not have to be high calories and I would love to see your take on a calorie busting quick snack!

So get your entry in, I will be picking winners on Thursday, the 7th March, so get cooking!

Send your entries in via my “Contact Me” button, with your blog page or name, your location in the world, your recipe and a picture of the snack!

On to bento!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I’ve made this mouthwatering Chinese char siu turkey on a bed of crushed creamy butter beans!

Chinese Turkey BBQ char sui

The Char siu is a marinade of soy and Chinese flavours reduced into a  rich sticky sauce to coat succulent turkey.

The butter beans were cooked with chives, parsley, fresh coriander, a spooning of Greek yoghurt and a squeeze of zingy lime!

Creamy Butter Beans Bento

The mild, bright, creamy taste and soft yet meaty texture of the beans went very well with the Char siu’s rich taste and are a great quick substitute for rice or even for creamy mashed potatoes.

Crushed butter beans and Char Siu turkey….
An unexpected match in Heaven!

8 thoughts on “Crushed Butter Beans & Chinese Char Siu turkey Bento!

    • Thank you :), I know it’s not authentic and it was pretty naughty of me but in these cash strapped times I used what I had!!! It came out well though and the hubby agrees it was a great choice!!!


    • I’ve never tried any bean dips to be honest but they look amazing!
      There is something about beans for me, I think it’s chemical because I just can’t get enough of them!
      It’s scary! Haha!

      I hope you do try out and love mashed butter beans! They make such a luxurious buttery mix without all that added fat!!


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