Pepper Bento’s Calorie Busting Quick Snack Competition Winners!!

So, my competition has finally come to an end and what an end it is, there were such wonderful entries!

I asked what your favourite calorie busting quick snack was and got some fabulous feedback!

In the end I had to pick some winners!
Thank you to all who entered!!

1st prize

In 1st place with her “Succulent Stilton Surprise Burgers” is Fat Girl Slim!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love meat!
To have meat on the menu and be low calorie too is a fabulous feat!

What a gorgeous looking meal!!

1st Prize

2nd prize

In 2nd place with “Apocalypse Spaghetti is for Sluts” is Bunny. Eats. Design!

I love the idea of not relying on fresh food for a delicious meal and when the apocalypse comes Bunny. Eats. Design. will be ready!

She does a great job of making apocalypse food look tasty too!

2nd Prize

3rd prize

In 3rd place Low Carb Jabberwockey has come up with colourful, healthy looking “Shirataki with Pesto and Tomatoes“!

Putting together a meal that is made of real food in 2 minutes is not to be taken lightly and is a great idea when you’re feeling lazy, especially when it comes to only 107 calories!

3rd Prize

Don’t forget!
You can check out all of the winners recipes by clicking on their mouthwatering photographs!

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