Express Spicy Soup Bento Recipe!

This bento is especially for those with a terrible cold!

This morning I opened my window to warm, inviting sunlight and within a few hours it had  turned Gray and snowy!

The wind is even now, making very uninviting noises down the chimney making me so glad to be under the covers!!

Never the less, my nose is feeling sufficiently sniffily!

If sniffles are getting you down, keep a tissue handy with this express chilli soup!

Great to take on the run to warm yourself up and very simple!

This would be fabulous with croûtons!

Express spicy soup

Express spicy soup

1 400g can plum tomatoes in juice
1 400g can red kidney beans in water
1 red chilli with seeds
Dash of Greek yoghurt

Drain the red kidney beans, place in a sieve and clean the beans under running water, set aside to fully drain.

Empty everything in the can of tomatoes to a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Mash the tomatoes with the back of a spoon until they are a smooth tomato seed speckled paste, pick out any hard nasty tomato tops if you see them about! These don’t break down!

Finely cut the chilli into small pieces, discarding the green stork and core but keeping the hot seeds!

Add to the mix and then add in the kidney beans, stir and simmer/gently boil until thick and delicious!

Stir in the yoghurt at the last minute and enjoy!!

Have a warm week!!

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