The hubby’s birthday! Sainsbury’s Millionare Ice Cream Bombe!

As much as my hubby tries to deny it, he has a birthday!

As much as he would silently let it pass by without a peep nor present, I of course, need to celebrate the date the person I adore most in this world came out into the world!

Sadly, the day was Mothers day so trying to squeeze into a restaurant with hundreds of doting mothers and children was out of the question..

The answer to a suitably small celebration lay in a delicious bargain!

Ice cream cake CU

Ice cream cake!!

Obviously being the adults we are we would never eat such a thing (tehehehe).

In actuality it was an ice cream bombe of course! (Weeeeeeeeee ice cream cake!!! AHEM!)

It was sinfully delicious!

As if smooth lightly caramel flavoured ice cream covered in crispy chocolate biscuits inside and out isn’t enough, it had the most amazing little balls of caramel that exploded with flavour on  the tongue giving way to a centre dripping with more gorgeous caramel!

Ice cream cake

Frankly I don’t know if it was my birthday or his now!

Unfortunately, the sacrifice of it being a bargain at only 50p instead of £4 means that Sainsbury’s seems to be removing these own branded beauties from their shelves.

My theory is they were too gorgeous for mass consumption as I haven’t died from poisoning just yet!

In conclusion, an ice cream bombe (ice cream cake tehehehehe) is a great alternative to conventional cake!

Just invite some greedy guests if you were born in the summer!

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