Sweetcorn Fritter Bento Box with Lime Dipping Sauce!

Hey there!

Today my bento box features a delicious delight so easy and enticing it could end up inside your lunch box very soon!

Sweetcorn Fritter Bento Box

My sweetcorn fritter bento!

Combining sweetcorn, red chilli and spring onion, this little square packs a big flavour punch!

Sweetcorn Fritter Bento Box P

This fritter gives an amazing almost meaty mouthful which then gives way to a smooth, creamy inside…not bad for a bit of inexpensive veg and flour!

Sweetcorn Fritter Bento Box CU

I have also added an almost moat-like Greek yoghurt dip, combining salt, pepper, a little chilli and lime juice to break up the richness with fresh zip!

These fritters are wonderful hot or cold and would make a perfect summer side dish.

If England ever sees such a thing as summer, I vow these will be on the menu!

Intrigued? Let me know! I may post the recipe!

Have a great day, in wintry woefulness or spells of sunshine!

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