Thorntons White, Dark & Milk Chocolate Rabbit!

It’s almost Easter!

Not being religious, for me Easter is a time to enjoy chocolates and lots of them! 😀

This little guy was named Bramble!


Isn’t he adorable?

It should be illegal to make food sooooooooo cute, especially giving them names! ^__^

He is made by Thorntons chocolates and has white, milk AND dark chocolate!

I had to close my eyes to eat it!

Even the back has a fluffy tail, a few flowers and some extra fluff detailling!

4 thoughts on “Thorntons White, Dark & Milk Chocolate Rabbit!

  1. I love Thorntons, and miss them – their shipping rates to Canada are just too high. Bramble looked very tasty. I’m not religious at all, so Easter here is all about chocolate, hiding eggs for the kidlet to find, and maybe a pagan foodfest for dinner if we have friends/coworkers who are bored and want feeding.


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