Pear shaped Pork & Pasta Bento Box!

Today my bento is an affair with pasta.

Pork Pasta

Sometimes I get an insatiable craving for the bite only pasta can give!

This is a pork filled tomato based pasta sauce which was supposed to be Italian style.

Mysteriously the basil I wanted to add was nowhere to be seen.

Rooting around, I thought I had found an extra stash of basil in an unlabelled pot.

I like a lot of basil so I added in the whole pot.

Needless to say it came as a rather big surprise when I realised they were cumin seeds!!

Still, though I didn’t get the flavour I wanted, it wasn’t bad at all!
Next time I will add cumin on purpose!!!

Pork Pasta 2

Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “Pear shaped Pork & Pasta Bento Box!

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  2. What a great mistake to make! It could have turned out a lot worse!

    My mouth is watering so much looking at that image that I’m going to have to make myself some pasta for tea – pronto!


    • Haha the mind reels at what else could have accidentally gone in! Ekkkk!

      I hope you had a wonderful tea, maybe with a tad less cumin in than mine? Tehehe 😀


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