Rustic Veal Escalopes On A Bed Of Parsnip & Carrot!

Hey there!

Today I want to show you this rather “rustic” meal that I made using a meat I’ve never tried before, Veal!

I’ve never eaten Veal because, like most people, I thought they were stuffed into tiny crates at a young age and left to suffer and “tenderise”.

Though this horrible practice can still be said about Europe, buying Veal from the UK means that it is cruelty free, as such practices are illegal here.

It is not illegal for the UK to import European cruelty Veal though, watch out for what you’re buying if you care about the  animal life you’re eating!

Veal Escalopes

Here I’ve seasoned the Veal Escalopes on both sides and seared them, which is all the cooking these tiny little guys need!

I then stir fried part cooked carrots and parsnips until crisp!

A sparse but wonderful way to try Veal!

It would be great with some added creamy mash potato!

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