Gifts From Japan Part 3! Orange Bento Box!

Hey there everyone!

Today we have another piece in my most viewed saga! Gifts from Japan!

Saturday was my 21st birthday and I was lucky enough to get some wonderful gifts!
An amazing friend of mine, sent a shoebox of dreams from Japan! ^.^


This is what she sent, yes, all this in one shoebox, she is a genius!

There is so much and all of it wonderful but I won’t identify everything right away!

Today I will just be focusing on one of the bento boxes!!

How cute is this little box?
It’s flying the Pepper Bento flag in these colours!

It’s a great size, really not as small as it may appear!

It has an adorable little fork and doesn’t waste any room!

Both tiers get clipped together with the lid securely, it’s a good size for all kinds of food, it has a super cute fork that clips nicely into the top lid and it’s microwavable without the lid, I love it!!!

I can’t wait to get cooking!
Have a look at parts 1 & 2!!

Rilakkuma Bag ClipsCrisps

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