Gifts From Japan Part 6! Bento Accessories & Goodies!

Hey there everyone!

Today is my last piece in my Gifts from Japan series, unless of course, I’m lucky enough to get any more sometime!

The first thing I want to show you is the beautiful note card that my friend sent me!

Japanese  Sakura Blossom Note Card

The envelope has 3D layered glittery Sakura Blossoms and inside, gorgeous paper!

An amazing way to send a note!

It’s so pretty, I even put this picture as my computer’s wallpaper!
Animal Soy Sauce Holders

I have been spying on these adorable animal soy sauce bottles for a long time but never brought them for myself!

Which one is the cutest to you? Is it possible to pick just one?

Another thing I have wanted for a long time is full size portable chopsticks!

Clapping March Chopsticks

Isn’t the box so cute?!

Disney Lilo & Stitch Pouch & Angel Sticky Notes

She also sent me some of the cutest of all Disney characters!

Stitch seems to be very popular in Japan!

This gorgeous guy is a tiny little pouch!

It can hang from a keyring and hide a few sneaky sweets or a tissue!

Next to Stitch is Angel, another of the many many experiments!

She has been made to be a book of sticky notes!

Pretty Pink Bento Strap

She also thoughtfully put in this pretty pink bento strap which goes really well with the pink box she also sent!!!

Doki Doki Precure Tissues Design 2

I’m a big cliché and like a lot of cute anime characters!

Here are some tissues she sent!
I love the drawings, they are so colourful!
Doki Doki Precure Tissues Design

Of course, in Japanese style, there are flying babies?!

Doki Doki Precure Tissues Design 3

I wonder if Doki Doki! Precure has English subtitles!

She also sent these really useful pieces of bento equipment!
Heart & Star Onigiri Makers

Heart and star onigiri shapers!

Surely I’m not the only one that thinks making onigiri into hearts and stars is important? Hehe!

Hello Kitty Sticky Back  Hooks

Hello Kitty has been growing in popularity just about everywhere!

You may not believe it but even here in England you can’t go to any shop without seeing at least one piece of Hello Kitty merchandise!

I got something more special though, as these really came from Japan!!!

They are really going to come in handy, they are hooks as you can see but they have sticky squares on the back!

Really useful for hanging up light hanging ornaments!

Next, something I had never seen before!

Silicon Onigiri Pouch

A silicon onigiri pouch!

This can be microwaved and frozen so it’s going to be great for an onigiri snack on the go!

Last but not least, since my friend and I met through or love of crafting, a cute little felt sewing kit!

Crafty Elephant Felt Kit

Making felt into cute little ornaments is all the rage over in Japan and that’s just fine with me since I love sewing AND cute things!

Pink BentoJapan Treats1Rilakkuma Bento strapCrisps

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