Lose Weight & Eat Chocolate too!

The diet starts today!

….maybe tomorrow?

I have put on a really horrible amount of weight in the last few months and I have to get rid of it!

Still, I’m not one for being unrealistic.

No cabbage soup for me!

Cutting down on high calorie foods and having snacks only as treats are my main agenda!

My hubby, being a chocolate lover too of course, came up with an idea to help us cut down but still treat ourselves now and then!

Luxury chocolates!

Thorntons Continental Chocolate Tray WW

Of course, this still requires will power so if you have none this may not be a suggestion to take into account but if you’re not going to try, why diet at all?!
We figured savouring a couple of delicious rich chocolates when we have a craving is so much better than sitting on autopilot and eating an entire big bar for the sake of it!

Thorntons  Fruit Cremes Chocolate Stack

The same goes for crisps, unfortunately for me!
Getting a small bag now and then when I fancy it instead of scoffing a whole big bag or multi pack will greatly benefit us though I think!

I’m really not a fan of the sort of diets that have you torturing yourself over everything you can’t eat.

Firstly, why live and be thin if you’re miserable?!!?


Secondly, usually when the weight is off the dieter in question, they go straight back to all those “evil” forbidden foods and put all the weight back on!

Milkybar Cereal Bar

Humans were not made to eat 3 carrots sticks a day and be happy about it!

The smartest way to diet for permanent weight loss is to cut down on large meal sizes, buy small snacks when you fancy them and not have large packs or multi packs sitting around waiting to be eaten and of course it wouldn’t hurt to take a walk now and then!

This way you can still eat all the foods you want!

Just remember, quality over quantity!

Thorntons Continental Chocolate Tray LW

3 thoughts on “Lose Weight & Eat Chocolate too!

  1. I think the best thin to do is not diet at all but just eat healthy. You know what really works? Cutting down on soda and other drinks that are not water, lemonwater or fresh fruit juices.
    It also helps to watch your sugar intake. Besides candy there’s sugar in everyday products like bread, ketchup or soysauce. And the less you eat sugar the less you want to eat candy!

    Good luck!


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