Sistema 1.3 Litre Chill It To Go Bento Box Review!

Hey there guys!

Summer is cautiously peeking it’s head up and the sun is shining in England!
Cue the hail storms!

Still, I can’t help but be a little hopeful, with the weather also comes picnic season!

I found this fantastic box for sale in my local supermarket and couldn’t pass it up!

Sistema To Go

This box has quite a few interesting features!

Sistema  To Go Label

Most noticeable is the knife and fork set that come integrated into the lid!
Sistema To Go Cutlery Set

They are very sturdy and the knife actually cuts reasonably!

Sistema Fillable Ice Pack

Then there is this ingenious little device!

This lays just under the lid, so it doesn’t come into contact with the food underneath!

As the label states, it is as easy as unscrewing the cap, adding water, then screwing the cap back on and leaving it in the freezer!

This becomes a very handy ice pack for salad, fruit, meat and one of my favourite summer treats, Soba noodles!
Sistema To Go Chill Pot

Just to make this even more useful and space concious Sistema have added a pot for dressings and sauces that fits into the ice block keeping it chilled too!

I can’t wait to fill this box with summer treats!

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