Meatless Meals, Eating Delicious on a Budget!

A suspiciously meatless meal for today’s post!

Honestly, I think the entire world is a bit too centred on meat.

It’s really not needed for a good meal and though I’m certainly not agreeing with becoming a vegetarian or vegan I think our overuse of meat is getting out of hand!

If things like farming were not around and all animals on the planet were left to grow and live naturally most animals would be extinct from our meat obsession!

As a poor person, many meatless dishes help with a budget too, and that it my reason for this meal!

Karrage Mushrooms  & Carrot Kinpira

This meal, barring seasonings that I already had as staples in my cupboard cost around 60p or less.

I marinaded some mushrooms in a mix of Japanese seasonings and cornflour and deep fried them which made them deliciously crispy and flavourful!

I then stir fried some thinly sliced carrot pieces in toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil!

For the final touch I made a coleslaw with carrots, mayonnaise and black onion seeds!

Carrot & Onion Seed Coleslaw

The Onion/Nigella seeds add an amazing taste to the coleslaw which has to be tasted!

Karrage Mushrooms  & Carrot Kinpira with Carrot Onion Seed Coleslaw

So the next time you think of a meatless meal and envision a plate of lettuce leaves and a boiled egg, think again!

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