Bargain Meal Under 50p Curried Noodle Cake Recipe!

Hey there everyone!

Today I will be sticking with my latest food theme, cheap meals!

One of the cheapest ingredients in supermarkets are packs of Instant noodles and I just had to do something special with them and develop a recipe to make a really delicious meal.

These noodles are 15p a pack in leading supermarkets and I used two packs!

I also used a fraction of a package of Chinese Instant Curry powder which may have cost £1 all in all and has 10 servings.

So all in all this meal comes to a grand total of 40p!

Curried Noodle Cake

Curried Noodle Cake
Serves 1-2

Curry Noodle Cake


2 packs instant noodles plain
Chinese curry powder
Boiling water


Place the noodles in a container and pour over boiling water to cover.

When softened, drain and set aside.

In a frying pan, on a high heat, add some Chinese curry powder and add enough boiling water to make a thick smooth paste when whisked.

Reduce the heat to a medium heat and add in the noodles, combine thoroughly with the curry paste.

Pat the noodles into an even thickness on the bottom of the frying pan with a spatula and lift, adding in a little vegetable oil.

Now leave the noodles to cook and crispened for 5-10 minutes until they are browned and sturdy enough to flip.

Flip the cake on to a plate then into the pan on the other side until it has crispened (5-10 minutes).

The cake will be ready when it is crispy enough to cut out a slice and stays sturdy in one piece!

Fried Noodle Cake

Not bad for 40p!

3 thoughts on “Bargain Meal Under 50p Curried Noodle Cake Recipe!

  1. That looks really tasty! Ideal for lunch boxes I would think. Could you use different flavourings? What would you suggest (I like curry but I just wondered!


    • Oh yes! It will definitely be great for a lunch box or a picnic!

      Anything that is a paste would be great :D, really you can season it with anything but liquid won’t get it crispy!

      Miso paste could be used with a few seasonings, mushroom paste and seasonings, maybe even a white sauce!


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