An Ode to Summer: Beetroot Tart with Summer Potato Salad Bento Box

Good afternoon everyone!

The hot and sunny weather has been holding up as of late which is very strange for England, thankfully today is a lot cooler and more comfortable than it has been!

Now I know how the food I deep fry feels!!!

Despite that, the weather is a great opportunity to try out fruit and vegetables you may have never tried as the season brings with it fantastic summer treats not to be missed!

Though it isn’t the most ideal place to get my fresh food, my local supermarket has recently had a huge renovation and the once sad and not so fresh aisle is now an extremely exciting range of fresher foods!

So here is my ode to summer and the wonderful food it brings!

Beetroot  Tart with Summer Potato Salad Bento Box

In the top I have a potato salad with cucumber, carrots, red onion, Spring onion, cabbage, chives and coriander!

In the bottom is my beetroot tart (more on that later!) with a parsley and spring onion greens mustard vinaigrette.

Beetroot  Tart with Summer Salad Bento Box

Of course, none of this would be complete without some fantastic vine ripened tomatoes!

So have you had a fruit or veg recently that was new to you?

Tried an old favourite in a new way?

Anything you want to try but haven’t just yet?

Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!

One thought on “An Ode to Summer: Beetroot Tart with Summer Potato Salad Bento Box

  1. Recently I roasted a pork loin in a Tarragon Honey-Dijon marinade. I had tried tarragon in egg salad a few years ago and thought it was delicious, so I just recently resurrected my interest in it. It wasn’t bad.


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