Bento Box Food Art, Sheep in Sunrise Field

Hey guys!

Today is a rainy, cloudy yukky day which doesn’t help much with bento inspiration!

Thinking of all of the wonderfully fluffy clouds that could be out there today I finally came up with an idea!


Sheep in sunrise field Bento

I created a warm, dry, sunrise sky for these little guys as I’m sure they’re having no fun outside in this wet weather!

I coated home made bread with an Indian sauce for such a fantastic colour!

Then I cut up celery for a long and healthy patch of grass.

A sheep on sunrise field

The sheep I made out of mushroom and tasty sausage, yes, these sheep are more pig than sheep in reality!

For some added decoration I made a little cloud out of mushroom!

I hope it brings a smile to your face!

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Bento Box Food Art, Sheep in Sunrise Field

    • Thank you!

      The sauce was a mint sauce believe it or not!

      I think you’re probably right that it was tomato based, some spices added for sure and a definite hint of lime!

      Oh the evils of not having the recipe!!


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