Mushroom Pie, A Tasty Alternative to Shepard’s Pie!

Good afternoon all!

First of all I would like to welcome my newest followers to the Pepper Bento site, thank you very much for choosing to subscribe, I hope you enjoy my postings!

As most of my loyal followers know, I am always thinking of ideas for cheap, tasty, healthy meals made with hearty, filling ingredients, whether they are in bento’s or bowls!

My husband came up with this idea and I cooked it so it’s a family effort all round!

I can tell you that eating it certainly was too!

Mushroom Pie Frying Pan

Behold, the mushroom pie!

You may notice that though it’s called a pie it has no pastry!

Well, it is named after a Shepard’s or Cottage pie very popular in England and Ireland where meat that has been minced is cooked up with a delicious gravy and topped with mashed potato, crisped to perfection under grill!
Mushroom Pie

Of course, using no meat is a sure fire way of reducing the price but is it as filling?
Is it as satisfying or flavourful?

I would have to say yes to all of these factors.

Health wise, mushrooms contain hardly any calories and certainly no fat but they avoid being a flavourless, unfulfilled mouthful with their meaty bite and their ability to burst with all the flavours that are surrounding and absorbed into them!

Mushroom Pie CU

For this pie, I used 800 grams of white button mushrooms, some whole and some quartered for texture, with a couple of handfuls of dried Shiitake mushrooms, their savoury, concentrated form creating amazing flavour!

I then added soy sauce and a few other ingredients before layering on the creamy mashed potato, seasoned with salt, pepper, butter and milk but you can add anything you like to yours.

A sprig of fresh thyme, Worcester sauce and rich meaty stock into the mushrooms for instance, even adding some meat, though smaller than the usual amount would add texture and flavour out of this world!

Do try it! You won’t regret it!

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