Weird Foods: Teriyaki Flavoured Rice Crackers

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I’ve got a weird food that I picked up yesterday and had to try!

Teriyaki flavoured rice crackers!

Teriyaki Rice Crackers

You would think these are a very Japanese snack but they are actually created in Thailand for UK shops!

I was fully expecting these crackers to be, quite frankly, horrible but I am really surprised to report that they are more than edible, really enjoyable in fact!

Of course, it was more than anyone could hope for that these really taste like teriyaki but they are really good none the less!

They are extremely sweet, sugar being the third ingredient in the list you can quite rightly assume there is a lot of sugar in these.

If you’ve ever eaten Sugar Puffs, that puffed wheat cereal with tons of honey on every piece, you will automatically taste it in these crackers!

As well as their sweet edge, they also have a savoury side which makes them very moreish and hard to put down!

These crackers are quite hard so they also have a satisfying bite too, maybe even to rival crisps!

Teriyaki Rice Crackers CU

The package come with four slots, each is meant to be one serving (25g), which is only 109 calories.

It sounds all well and good with the emphasis on these being healthy all over the package but if you consider E numbers to be an unhealthy thing you may not want to eat these as there are a total of 6 as well as other things that aren’t really known as ingredients.

All in all these are a very tasty snack and certainly one to try for the not so health concious or as a substitute for crisps!

These are made by Hansells Foods UK and I found them to be supplied in B&M.

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