Hello Kitty Holographic Bento Box Review

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty.

Still, there are so many pieces of merchandise out there these days that it would be impossible for me not to like some of it!

The other day I even came across an officially licensed Hello Kitty/Kiss (the rock band) bag, which of course I had to have too!

This box is very small and perfectly square which makes it a perfect design area for Japanese style bento boxes which is the main reason I brought it!

Hello Kitty Hologram Bento Box

On the front is a very cute and inoffensive design, no pink in sight!

What you won’t be able to tell from the photograph is that the design is holographic.

It’s actually just a big sticker over a generic red box and though the hologram is a nice touch, it doesn’t actually show another picture so it really just gives the idea that it’s a bit sparkly when you move it.

I hope I will find the sticker very waterproof!

Hello Kitty Sanrio Hologram Bento Box

This is officially licensed by Sanrio so it is certainly one for Hello Kitty collectors out there!

From the symbols shown, it looks as if it is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe?

Of course, like a lot of things, it was made in China!

Hello Kitty Hologram Bento Box CU

That might be an explanation for the quality here then.
It’s on an extremely thin hinge which when you open, you’re half expecting the whole top half to be left in your hand as the bottom falls away!

Hello Kitty Hologram Bento Box  I

Still, for a cute little box that didn’t cost much I can live with it’s flaws.

The same thin hinging is true for the clasp to close this box but the clasp itself is nice and thick.

The interior is just a simple square which is what I like most about this bento box and even though it is a cheaply made box with a sticker and licensing slapped on, I’m happy with it!

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