The Four Cup Bento Box!

Good afternoon all!

Today I have a bright and tasty box!

4 Cup Bento Box

In my first box I have some fresh Japanese rice, two squares of it being flavoured with ume furikake given as a gift by a wonderful friend in Japan!

4 Cup Bento Box CU

In the second box I have separated each dish into silicon  cupcake cups!

In the light blue cup I have potatoes marinaded in soy sauce and sake and the orange cup has my first attempt at making a cute little rabbit apple!

4 Cup Bento Box S

In the lilac cup I paired apple and celery with a few pinches of salt which is a really delicious combination, even for me who really hates celery!

In the pink cup I made some coconut chocolate mousse from scratch and sprinkled coconut milk powder on top!

Completely made from scratch with no guilty short cuts, a bento made with love!

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