English Edible Dividers Bento Box!

Dividers are a great idea for bento boxes!

They keep foods that could get spoilt if put together nice and fresh and are perfect for keeping all of the flavours  in your box  separate!

As helpful as dividers are, when you get to the end of your bento, it can be troublesome having extra accessories that need to be stored and worst of all, washed up!

So why not make your dividers edible?!

Edible Divider Bento
Here I have created dividers that also double up as tasty sandwiches by encasing rolled up bread in ham.

The ham also acts as a waterproof barrier between the different foods while keeping the bread dry and sog free!

I cut off the crusts for rolling my dividers but didn’t waste them, instead mixing them with butter and peppery salad dressing to create another side dish!

Edible Divider Bento CU

I also included a side dish of apple pieces, cheese cut into cute triangles and Branston pickle, a perfect accompaniment!

Looking at these ingredients separately, we could easily come up with a very generic lunch, a cheese, pickle and ham sandwich with an apple on the side for instance.

I think serving the ingredients in this way makes it a whole new, exciting and more enjoyable eating experience!

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