The Tetris Bento Box!

Me and my husband are great fans of the game Tetris and my hubby has been toying with, and bugging me, about making a Tetris bento for a long while, even going so far as to design one for me!

We made this bento together, the first ever that we worked as a team on which makes me all the happier that our 3rd wedding anniversary was just yesterday!

Tetris Game Boy Bento Box


For the bottom Tetrominos there are shallots, cheese, cherry tomatoes and tiny dip trays filled with seasoned cream cheese and spring onion.
Tetris Game Boy Bento Box 2


For the top Tetrominos there are halved kumquats, apple pieces and steamed Anya potatoes, a cross between pink fir apples and Désirée potatoes, topped with squares of Brunswick ham!
Tetris Game Boy Bento Box 3


A real feast of flavours with great memories for Gameboy, Tetris and Nintendo fans!
Tetris Game Boy Bento Box 4

8 thoughts on “The Tetris Bento Box!

    • The baby onions are raw, they were great with the cheddar, cream cheese and tomatoes, all helping to calm down their flavour!

      I have yet to try a pickled onion but I reallllllllllly want to, maybe I should pickle some of these myself!


      • Your combination sounds so good. I’ll have to mix all those together in one perfect bite. Whole foods sells some in their ‘antipasta’ bar, but they are 7.99 a pound so better to do it at home!


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