Waon Bento Box Black Version Review

Today it is an honour to share with you a stunning and amazingly functional bento box, the Waon Bento Box from CasaBento.
Waon Bento Box Black

The art on the lid of the box is nice and subtle despite the bright colours used in places, it seems to invoke the idea of modern design as well as a more traditional one at the same time.

It has a very interesting shape, like a rectangle with it’s corners cut, which I think adds more to it’s charm and makes it just a little out of the ordinary without losing any functionality.

It comes with an elastic strap that fits tightly around it so there isn’t a chance of spillage on the go and also a matching bag to carry it around in.

Waon Bento Box Black Bag Open

The same design is repeated on the bag, very traditional with a drawstring closing.

The string colour seems to lighten the whole package up so it’s not too dreary and is of good quality.

Waon Bento Box Black Bag

The bag was made in China whereas the box itself was made in Japan so it’s not solely a Japanese product.

It is a lovely touch to add in a bag with the box though as they could have easily left it out or sold it separately!

Waon Bento Box Black Chopsticks

Under the top, a cream coloured lid is revealed which may seem like an odd colour choice but it actually leaves the box with attractive lines that break up the otherwise all black colour scheme.

It comes with a pair of white mini chopsticks, though I think it would have been more in-keeping with the design to include cream chopsticks.

These don’t fit securely into the box.
There are tabs in place to stop them moving around too much but they can still move freely within the tabs.

To be honest, I think this is the only thing that I would change about this box.

It seems strange that enough thought went into this box that they put in small cut outs on either side of each lid making them easier to lift but they didn’t secure the sticks.

Waon Bento Box Black Cups

Inside the top tier there are two perfectly shaped little boxes that are just right for side dishes that you want separated.

Waon Bento Box Black Remove

These can also be taken out completely or even just one could be used so it’s been very well thought out and is really versatile.

Waon Bento Box Black Divider

The bottom tier is larger than the top, a great place to store rice.
It is quite spacious so this bento is probably best suited to those with a large appetite or a couple sharing.

It also comes with a moveable divider which could be placed anywhere in the bento box!

All in all this a fantastic and well designed bento box of wonderful quality, it comes with tons of accessories but it’s not making up for anything lacking in the quality of the box, I’m sure it will last for many years with proper care!

You can buy this box, or if you prefer, the red version of this, at CasaBento for £16.89!

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