Black Mode Colour Circle Bento Box from Casabento Review!

Today, I am reviewing the sleek and stylish black mode colour circle bento box from Casabento!

Black Mode Colour Circle Bento Box SA

This box has a very simple look which can be thought of as a neutral, unisex style.

Being so simple it looks lovely and professional, something you could easily see a business man or woman eating from but it also wouldn’t be frowned upon if someone more casual used it in public either.

There are a couple of things I consider to be negative points about this box but I will say that these aren’t too major.

The first one is, the belt.

The belt that comes with this box is unlike one I have seen before on a bento and unfortunately it is for good reason.

Black Mode Colour Circle Bento Box By Casabento

It is made of Velcro, with the padded grey coloured foam top being the part that sticks to the hooks all around.

Don’t get me wrong, the Velcro sticks very well but the material it is made out of isn’t stretchy which means that apart from being really fiddly and hard to put on, when you do get it on you will find that it is nowhere near tight enough to hold the box together.

This can be fixed by buying an extra belt, I recommend elastic, which will hold the box together very well but considering this comes with a belt, really you shouldn’t HAVE to buy an extra one to get full functionality from this box.
Black Mode Colour Circle Bento Box New Elastic Band
The box has aimed for simplicity and traditional design but the belt has not which can be great and innovative but in this case falls flat.

The other thing, which may not be a problem for some but I will mention it anyway so you can form your own idea of whether it is a con, is it’s finish.

This box is VERY easy to get grubby.
Touch it and expect a smear of fingerprints to be left behind, glaring at you.

If you don’t mind it’s appearance or are willing to get a polishing rag to it after it has been handled it’s a minor niggle.

These points in no way mean that I hate this box or that it’s not worth a purchase though.

It comes with the lid, made of the same material as the bento itself and on each of the two tiers it has a well fitted, more flexible, inner lid to keep the food inside.

As standard with these boxes, the inner lids are to be kept away from microwaves and dishwashers though the rest of the box is safe.

Black Mode Colour Circle Bento Box Layers

Each tier is the same size at 300ml which is very decent.

They are very deep as well so this makes them open to a wide variety of bento designs, simple or ornate.

This box is made in Japan and delivers on the quality you can expect from Japan minus the belt included.

All in all this box is great, it is versatile and stylish without being so small you couldn’t possibly have your fill.
The bento belt included is sadly useless and the finish is high maintenance but it’s deep bowls and very good quality means I can still say I recommend this box!

You can buy this box and many other boxes and accessories over at Casabento!

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