Skull With A Side Of Brains Halloween Bento Lunch!

Being from England, Halloween doesn’t really mean much but I love an excuse to play around with all the things I like the whole year round!

Getting into the spirit that many others have been in for the whole month, I made a bento box using a Halloween feel!

Voilà! Skull with a side order of brains, enjoy!

Halloween Skull Bento Box

The brains, scooped from the kinda fresh skull of Mr. Samson from number 28, are a delicious mix of shredded cabbage and onion with mayonnaise, food colouring gave the brains their pink appearance…..or did it..?

As for unfortunate Mr. Samson, he is laying on a bed of his own skin…I mean ham…….

His eyes were tastefully gouged out to be replaced with some delicious cream cheese and nigella seeds!

As usual I chose ingredients that compliment each other making him a tasty treat, if not a little on the bony side!

Happy Halloween!

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