Woodland Animals Lunch Box Set Review!

Today, I take a break from my spooky Halloween cooking to refresh you with something really cute!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes

These snack boxes, like a Russian doll, all fit snugly into each other and each show a cute woodland creature!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes Inside
The smallest is an adorable little owl box, perfect for a dip pot!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes Owl

Just a little bigger than that is a cheeky little Acorn eating squirrel box!

It would be great for fruit pieces!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes Squirrel

Next is the crafty looking fox box, again just a little larger than the last!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes Fox
Lastly, we have the biggest box of the set, an adorable Bambi like Deer box!

This would be a great place to store a tasty roll for lunch!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes Deer

These boxes and lids are very good quality though I’m pretty sure they aren’t air tight so moisture is a no no for these!

They all have handy tabs on their corners so they can be opened easily and their rounded corner design is very sleek!

These aren’t unlike something you would find at “Paper Chase” or another similar shop which would set you back about £8, these were only £1.99!

Check out your local Home Bargains and grab them, they’re a great addition to your bento equipment collection!

Woodland Animals Lunch Boxes Stack

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