Black+Blum Lunch Box Revolution Recipe Book Review!

Today I am reviewing an adorable little recipe book courtesy of Black+Blum called “Lunch Box Revolution”.
Lunch box Revolution FC

This handy little book uses Black+Blum’s fantastic line of lunch-ware (coming soon to Pepper Bento!) to give you ideas and recipes on how to make a delicious lunch!

The books exterior is made out of what looks and feels like recycled card, it has a lovely grainy texture, giving you the feel that this is a very eco friendly book.

Unfortunately it can be considered a downside because the surface could be very easily ruined if say a drop of oil or water got on to it, so it isn’t really kitchen friendly.

Lunch box Revolution IC

The book has a cute little window like hole on the front so you can see the lunch which is printed on the page below!

This book is completely down to earth and assumes that you have very little to no cooking skills or knowledge on how to prepare a lunch while not making you feel as if you are being talked down to which is a fantastic balance.

It has a very casual feel, as if a good friend is teaching you something but that is not to say it looks unprofessional at all!

Lunch box Revolution W

There are many small illustrations throughout the book which are in the style of a child’s drawings, helping again with a casual, modern presence.

Lunch box Revolution I

Each ingredient needed for each recipe has it’s own illustration with a clear amount of how much you need and how it should be prepared before you begin.

Below this, clear simple instructions on how to cook and arrange your food is given.

A clear and pretty picture of the dish you will be making takes up the page opposite, complete with how many servings the recipe will cater for and how long it will take to prepare and cook the dish.

Lunch box Revolution R

This recipe book is aimed at the single busy, or lazy, luncher so each recipe will make two servings, one for the next morning and one for the day after though this style would easily suit a couple as well!

It features 15 recipes for lunch, which if you try a new one every two days, will last you at least a month and there are some recipes you will certainly come back for again and again!

My personal favourite is the “Ginger Chicken and salad” featured on the cover; though sadly the recipe contains rice but no directions on how to cook it, instead assuming you have precooked rice ready.

Cooking it may not fit into the recipe time frame if you are cooking from scratch or fit into your skill level in the kitchen so you’ll have to think ahead!

The only other thing I could mention that may be deemed a negative point, depending on your style of lunch making, is that if you are interested in lunch box decoration, you may be disappointed.

As mentioned before, this book is aimed at a busy audience who don’t have the time for decoration so it isn’t featured in this book.

Lunch box Revolution P

All in all, this book is a great little starter for those who have brought a lunch box and don’t know where to start, those who fancy a few more recipes in their repertoire or for those who have been meaning to try eating a healthier lunch but don’t think they have time or just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

At £5 it is a great deal and worth while especially if you are buying the Black+Blum Box appetit that all of these lunches are served in!

Buy it here, it will certainly be a great stocking filler!

Speaking of stocking fillers, the PepperBento giveaway is still available to enter into until the 25th November, so head over there and enter now!

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