Hakoya Samurai Bento Box Review – Bento World Grand Prix 2013!

Hi there!

You may have seen a competition recently, if you keep up with all things bento, for the Bento World Grand Prix 2013!

Bento Grand Prix 2013

Yamasa, a maker of soy sauce in Japan and Bento & co a Japanese seller for bento boxes and accessories teamed up to provide prizes for a few of the loveliest bento posted!

There were thousands of entries and the winners decided by who had the most votes so I decided not to enter any of my bento pictures.

There was however, also prizes for some of the people who voted for their favourite bento!

I won, I won!

The package came all the way from Japan and was really heavy!

Bento Grand Prix 2013 Pepper Bento Prizes

There was an offering from both Bento & Co and Yamasa, I will get to the Yamasa gift in another post!

I have to say, I’ve been thinking about getting this bento box for such a long time but never did!

Bento Grand Prix 2013 Samurai Bento

It comes with an elastic belt to hold all of the tiers together and has notches on his “hat”for the elastic so it stays in place, low tech but really works!

Hakoya Samurai Bento Bowl

Lifting this little Samurai’s hat you find that it is a bowl!

This bento is very small and I would estimate it could only hold about 150 grams of cooked rice or a very small soup.

Hakoya Samurai Bento Lid

Under his plastic separator there are some instructions handily written in quite a few languages including French and English as well as of course, Japanese.

It reveals that it can be microwaved without it’s separator for under 3 minutes in a 500 Watt microwave and under 2 minutes in a 1000 Watt microwave.

Hakoya Samurai Bento Tiers

The tier that makes up his cheeky little face separates from his very cute little body and can be used for all sorts of side dishes!

So clever and cute with the bonus that these are made in Japan!

There are lots of cute designs in the range, both girl and boy, for you to choose from too!

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