Video Review: Black+Blum Bento Box!

Today my video reviews get a sort of relaunch!

All new HD video!

This week, courtesy of Black+Blum, my review is for their all new Bento Box!

Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the top left box in video to keep up to date!

Black+BlumBento Box

2 thoughts on “Video Review: Black+Blum Bento Box!

  1. I just watched the video out of curiousity, as I have the black and red version. Firstly, I agree with your issue with the sauce bit in the lid, and I’ve never used it for that reason. The other point I wanted to add is that the rubbery bit that you put the fork in can also hold a pair of chopsticks, if you prefer those for anything. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good beginning bento box, and the size is good for portion control too!


    • Thank you so much for adding your thoughts!

      A pair of chopsticks sounds like a much better option for this box considering the fork only fits one way, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t made with this box in mind :(!

      I do agree that this size is perfect, not as small as a Japanese bento box but not too big either!


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