Home Bargains Microwave Take-out Soup Mug Review

Today I’m reviewing these cute on the go soup mugs!

When I saw them in my local Home Bargains I had to pick them up and give them a try, especially considering the 79p price tag!
Microwave Soup Mug Take Out

These aren’t thermal mugs, as you would expect for the price!

The idea behind them is you can carry a cold soup or drink to work, school or just travelling and then microwave it in the mug when hunger or thirst strikes!

I’m not sure about schools these days but when I was at school there wasn’t access to microwaves and you might be hard pushed to find one on say, a fishing trip, so I would say these are best for the workplace if there is a microwave available.

Microwave Soup Mug Take Out Vents

Each one has a small vent on the top of them so you can microwave it with the lid on as long as the vent is open!

These mugs are even suitable to freeze, just open the vent as they defrost, perfect for hot weather and preparing ahead!

Microwave Soup Mug Take Out Lids

Each mug comes with a really generous capacity of 710ml so you could actually put food other than soup in these too, a pasta salad would be great!

In fact if you are using these on the go where you will need to put them in a bag I would say solid food would be much better in these than soups and drinks because when testing water tightness, a few drops of liquid did get out of the airtight seal advertised.

Microwave Soup Mug Take Out Mic

Naturally I had to test out it’s microwaving feature so I placed a can of tomato soup in the mug, closed the lid, opened the vent and microwaved for 2 minutes 30 seconds.

My microwave is quite a powerful one at 900 watts but the mug had no problem with it and to my surprise the handle was cool to the touch so it was easy to remove safely.

Microwave Soup Mug Take Out Soup

Even though a whole can of soup was used it only fills up half of the mug so you could get almost two cans of soup in these!

Microwave Soup Mug Take Out Tin

The mugs are so big in fact that I just had to try out placing a whole can into a mug.
It fits perfectly!
So if you don’t have time to even empty a can into your mug and have a can opener handy you can have a hot meal in minutes with no effort!

All in all, I’m really happy with these!
For the price, they do everything you’d want in a portable non thermal mug!

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