Samosa Flower & Pilau Rice Bento Lunch!

Happy Monday!

This weekend the hubby and I got to rearranging our bedroom!
I’ve got to tell you, even though the room is small it’s thirsty work!

Of course, that also means that hunger is going to strike and something nutritious and delicious is in order!

I made some Pilau rice which is a mix of long grain rice with cumin seeds, bay leaves, cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamom.

As well as being delicious and fragrant, the added flavourings make it look really lovely!

Pilau Rice & Samosa Flower Bento

To go with the rice I cooked a chicken samosa and cut it so it resembled a pretty opening flower!

I added some small triangles of samosa to mimic the idea of leaves!

I’m going to think of this bento as the first flower popping out against all odds in the frosty winter snow (rice!).

We have been having really bad weather here in England but a few rays of sunshine have come down and the hope of a better time, Spring, especially for people who have been affected by flooding and other disasters here, is a nice thought!

Pilau Rice & Samosa Flower Bento CU

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